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Musician’s Choice
Famous musicians introduce songs that brought them to where they are now, and songs that they love based on various themes. You may also find out where these musicians are these days.


TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho, who can be anything from an actor to a model
Music to listen to on a rainy day

Leader of TVXQ, who heated up Asia
Let’s meet U-Know Yunho’s recommended songs.

U-Know Yunho’s ‘Music to listen to on a rainy day’

When I went to visit TVXQ’s leader U-Know Yunho on the 24th, it was drizzling as I made my way to my destination. It was weather that seemed to match the ‘Musician’s Choice’ theme he had chosen for the week which was “Music to listen to on a rainy day”. He, who had been waiting in front of the SM Entertainment office, happily welcomed this writer. Wearing casual clothes, he smiled brightly and said, “I feel good because it’s raining outside.”

“Rainy days are times for me to reflect on myself. Other friends usually go drinking on days like this, but I drive my car to an arboretum or I choose some good music to listen to.”

When asked about his recent activities, he brought up his photoshoot first. “I went to Hong Kong for a photoshoot, and it was nice to have a personal interview as I was partaking in the photoshoot. I’ve always been showing people the bright side of myself, but I never really had the chance to talk about personal things.” We were curious of his next solo venture. U-Know Yunho said, “I don’t want to let go of the music life that I’ve had for the past 5, 6 years and I’ve also been considering upgrading my acting skills.” He also said, “What I want to say the most is that I want to challenge the limits I’ve set on myself from more than one side.”

It was a surprise yet understandable to see U-Know Yunho, who admired Michael Jackson, create a music list that consisted of songs with sad or solitary melodies rather than dance-orientated songs. Also, seeing such a list gave us a feel of his extensive musical taste from Rock to New Age.

“I usually listen to music while I’m on the move. I don’t discriminate between genres; if I like the feel of a song, I’ll get it and put it in my playlist right away. At times when I feel like I’m going to explode, I sometimes listen to heavy metal music, and when my body’s exhausted, I listen to calm instrumentals. However, it can be said that the music I’m introducing today conveys what I’m feeling these days.”

U-Know Yunho’s dream is to be the founder of a welfare center. Influenced by his father who enjoys helping those in need, he is actively seeking out voluntary service activities he can do to help the poor and needy. He usually makes people feel flustered with his clipped tone and short yet strong accent which he may have inherited from being the group’s leader since his debut, but he slowly yet surely opened up in this interview with a softer tone and deep breaths. His words “I’ve matured as much as I’ve been hurt,” seemed to approach the writer more sincerely than ever.

Kim Pyung (Writer specializing in popular music)

U-Know Yunho’s First Album Choice: Chris Spheeris’ [Best of Chris Spheeris: 1990-2000]

“Two years ago, there was a time when I listened to all the CDs our fans sent us. This was one of the albums in that pile of CDs and I was immediately hooked. Although there are a lot of instruments involved, there is a sound that isn’t lost, and it’s the sound of nature. That sound seemed to just grab my heart. There wasn’t a distinct melody, but shall I say that the tune was able to express everything that it needed to? From then on, I searched for this artiste online and listened to his songs whenever it rained. The guitar part is the prettiest in this album. Most guitar parts from other sources rely on strength or technique, but the guitar in this album isn’t overused and you can tell that the singer tried to keep the sound as close to the sound of nature as possible. I felt like the guitar part represented his heart and his feelings. It has a calm yet mysterious feeling to it.”


U-Know Yunho’s Second Album Choice: Kevin Kern’s [Summer Daydreams]

“One of the songs called ‘Return to Love’ is a very famous song that is used in dramas and CFs, and all the songs included in this album calm your heart. I think I listen to this song the most when I feel depressed. It cleanses your heart, but it also has a sad and sorrowful feel to it. I first found out about the song in the drama [Autumn in my Heart]. After that, I listened to it a ridiculous number of times. I found myself hearing it a lot even when I hadn’t turned it on myself. I heard it on the streets, I heard it at home, I heard it in the cafes… It’s a song that I’ve heard so much that it’s left a great impact in my life. Sometimes, I think that I’d like to try this kind of music one day. Like taking this music and formatting it by adding narration to it or commentary through DJ-ing?”


U-Know Yunho’s Third Album Choice: Kim Hyun Shik’s [3rd Album]

“I first found out about Kim Hyun Shik’s music through the voices of Kim Bum Soo and Yu Jae Ha. I liked the songs so much that I practiced them a lot for a while. I thought that I needed to be familiar with the original to do so, so that was when I found the artiste Kim Hyun Shik. The song that first caught my eye was ‘Eclipsed Road’. I’ve said before that I like singers like Michael Bolton or Lim Jae Bum, and Kim Hyun Shik’s voice was just what I wanted. It wasn’t pure and clear, and the charm that came from his thick and burning voice struck a chord in my heart. I usually listen to this album on a rainy day right before I sleep. You can find its true charm if you listen to it then.”


U-Know Yunho’s Fourth Album Choice: X-JAPAN’s [Star Box]

“They are one of my favorite artistes. In 9th or 10th grade, I had a cousin who played the bass guitar, and she was a fan of this group. I began to like rock music because of her. But these artistes’ music didn’t feel like rock. More so in ‘Endless Rain’. This song really captures that feeling of singing with a heart full of longing, and I think that, that is the true charm of X-JAPAN. I like their songs because they both appeal and don’t appeal to the masses. I want to follow their example of being a genius, yet striving to always be one step ahead of trends. I think this song’s mixture of Eastern and Western influences contain all the charms that the band holds.”


U-Know Yunho’s Fifth Album Choice: Az Yet’s [Az Yet]

“Sometimes, I like to go jogging when it rains, and I listen to this album a lot when I do. It might be because I’m the bass part in our team, but I find myself paying a lot of attention to that part. Their style is a little different from BoyzIIMen, but the bass part is so amazing that it feels like they’re playing with their musical ranges. The part doesn’t lose its focus, but it leads the other parts like the melody. This music is great for when I go jogging or when I’m enjoying a glass of wine. The music itself doesn’t feel very sophisticated, that may be exactly why I’m attracted to it. I think people will like this music if they like harmonies. I also feel that men will enjoy this music more than women.”


“I’m going to keep the promise I made with myself and then I’ll cry my eyes out.”

The subject was changed to Michael Jackson. U-Know Yunho recently got on stage for the pop star’s domestic tribute concert. There is a famous story circulating that the American staff, who had looked down upon U-Know Yunho as an artiste famous only in Asia, changed their attitudes after they watched him perform. U-Know Yunho said, “I want to be an artiste like Michael Jackson who shines regardless of time,” and “I hope to be viewed as someone who keeps maturing and growing as a person and as a singer who is not fazed by the rumors floating around.”

“I think that I’ve pretended to be bright a lot as the team’s leader till now. But I’m someone who feels lonely very easily, so I constantly have to discipline myself to pay attention and come to my senses. Music has always cleansed my loneliness and sorrow. People say that I’m so strong-hearted that I never cry, but I’m only restraining myself to keep the promise I made with myself. When I get to the top, I want to cry my eyes out just once.” It may have been that his heart was already crying though his ‘leader’ position stops him from outwardly doing so.


source: [Naver Music]
translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
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Run! Run!
Why are the two of them being chased? Yonsu and Hinata, who have become closer, will they be pulled apart once more?

The show is about to be released soon, and so, we bring you the shocking kiss scene!
The 2 people who met for the first time at a hotel in Korea…..then, a sudden kiss.
The story starts from here, do not miss the first episode!

Serious atmosphere…the cold, thinking expression of Yonsu and Hinata. Holding the key to the story….Yonsu’s past?


Source: [Cafede-yuchun.com]
Translation Credits: ssunsett@tohosomnia.net
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Taken from SK-ITH

SKITH SINGAPORE would like to spread these messages to TVXQ and fans from all over the world! ^^

We made three dedications —

For Cassiopeians Around The World

For Xiah Junsu


ps: they were randomly playing songs when the messages were being shown. If only they take songs dedication too ^^

Flash Mob in Singapore

Hi fellow fans!

SKITH will be helping our fellow China fans to promote this Flash Mob event in Singapore! This Flash Mob is organized by the Singapore based China fans.

Here are the details for the Flash Mob:

Date: 4th July 2010
Time: 5pm
Location: To Be Confirmed
Participating Countries: Hong Kong, Beijing, Nanjing, Singapore
Songs Chosen: MIROTIC & Balloons
Partners: HKW香港仙后应援快闪、Idolism偶像主益、为爱而生南京仙后

Detail Arrangements:

From May to June, we’ll arrange practices for those fans who are participating in the Flash Mob. At the same time, we’ll also provide everyone with the dance tutorials for MIROTIC and Balloons so that everyone can still practice it at home.

(NOTE: Each song will last for about 2min, so we’ll be dancing to a 4min plus of the combination of MIROTIC and Balloons)

The Flash Mob will be in the forms of photos and video recordings (including the practices and actual performances). After finishing the event, the videos taken will be edited and send to TVXQ together with the China and Hong Kong fans.

We welcome all the fans to come to the event to show their supports. No matter what participation you are in, like dancers, staff, supporters or internet supports. It’s still an expression of support, love and trust towards TVXQ. No matter where they are, they’ll still be able to feel it

If you’re interested to take part in the Flash Mob, please kindly contact PAO PAO @ myxiah21@hotmail.com ^^

We hope to see lots of fans participate in this Flash Mob so as to show TVXQ that we are always waiting for them no matter what!

Thank you so much! ^^


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Hello everyone ! This is my little fanaccount about Japanday in Düsseldorf, Germany. I’m from Belgium, but really didn’t mind driving all the way over there, and even less since it turned out to be one of the best days of my life ❤

First of all, when it was confirmed that I would be going, I wanted to do something to advertise my love for TVXQ. So after some thinking, I decided to make a big Tohoshinki banner. I spent over 4 hours working on it, just for the painting part! But it was totally worth it =)

I drove all the way from Belgium with Cyn (joongielove93 ), another fangirl, and we arrived around 11AM. We went to several Japanese stores, and I bought myself a copy of SMART magazine where Junsu was featured (the one with the hotpants! *__*). Cyn even found a copy of AnAn with Jae! Oh and we also got the ViVi mag with the Tohoshinki special ^__^

I didn’t put up the banner at first, because to be honest I felt a little awkward at first. But then after some time and with all the cosplayers around, I realized no one would find me strange if I did walk around with my huge banner xD

After meeting up with Irina, a German fan which we already had contact with, we walked through the crowd, me holding up the banner proudly. A lot of people were curious and read what was written, some even took pictures (I can just hope that’ll remind them to google “tohoshinki” xD), but sadly no one came up to us.

But then eventually,(though I had half given up to meet other fans and I was about to fold the banner up) two girls (Jenny & Therese, if I remember right) came towards us, and told us they were fans too!

And it all just exploded from there on. Another 2 girls stopped by and told us about a meeting they were planning for July 4th. Then some other girls came, and told us there actually was a meeting on that very day! So we decided to all join in, and went all the way to find a free patch of grass. While doing so, Jenny, Therese and I alternately carried the banner around proudly.

We were all spazzing so much, but it was NOTHING next to our reactions when we saw the “Balloons” cosplayers!

^Picture taken from SYC^

Sadly, Junsu was missing ;o)
We all gathered around and took a LOT of pictures, when suddenly 3 girls came running towards us, dressed up as the boys in the “Last Angel” PV !!! All in white! And “Junsu’s” hair was the best ! And the ducky rucksack too ! =D

After a lot of picture taking, we all sat down on the grass, talked, ate sushi (that one of the girls had made) and exchanged contact information. I think we were a good 20 people there !

We stayed there quite some time until we got really hungry, so Cyn, the 3 Last Angel girls and I went to eat Korean food. Which was awesome, but it would get boring if I told you what we all had :)

After that we went back to the main stage area, still proudly carrying our banner around. We noticed there were TV crews present, recording the performances on the main stage, so the Last Angel girls tried to get the banner into the camera angle. And then… suddenly…

A technician from the TV crew came towards us, and asked us what our banner was about, so we explained briefly. Then he asked us “Would you mind being interviewed about that? On live TV?”

We were honestly SHOCKED ! We said yes of course !
So the guy led us to the actual recording place, and after waiting a little while we were asked to go in front of the camera. With the banner still with us of course ! The reporter asked us again to explain what the banner was about, and Lisa1 and Lisa2 answered some questions =) Then he went on to say that there were even girls that came all the way from Belgium (Cyn & me), and he found it quite awesome =D

When the interview was over and we were no longer in front of the camera, we all started crying, we were really just so happy we could send out a message of support for TVXQ, even more so because European fans don’t often get the opportunity to do so.

As I’m writing this now, the video hasn’t been upload on the channel’s website yet, but I’ll make sure to rip it and spread it around as soon as it’s available!

From there on we still kept walking around with our banner, and more fans gathered around, and eventually we gathered to sing a few TVXQ songs, which were recorded by the admin of Phoenix (and I’m sure the videos will be up quite soon !). We sang PROUD, Love in the Ice, Mirotic and Survivor.

After that there were fireworks, and sadly this beautiful day came to an end. We all said goodbye and wished each other the best, all the while reminding everyone to keep the faith.

I feel blessed to have met so many amazing TVXQ fans, and hopefully we will all meet again very soon. Thanks all for a wonderful day.


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Fumiya Fujii shared the table with an artist that is not only popular in South Korea, but also Japan, the high spirit “Xiah Junsu”.

Popular artist from South Korea, Junsu replied to Fumiya Fujii’s questions in fluent Japanese

The two people exchanged a toast with Korean red tea.

From his passport, you can see how busy he is.

Fumiya Fujii asked the South Korea popular artist Junsu how to spend the day off.

Fumiya Fujii and the South Korea popular artist Junsu seem to have quite same likeness.

Driving as hobby.
Talking about the hobby of driving in Japan.


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