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After completing the two days concert at Seoul Jamsil Stadium on last 27th and 28th, JYJ (Micky Yoochun, Youngwoong Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu) will take a half month (15 days) rest period.

Ever since JYJ debuted on October 12th with the first album ‘The Beginning’, the group had been busy conducting worldwide showcase in total 6 cities in Asia starting from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Shanghai. In the month of November, JYJ kicked off showcase stages in America regions namely New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Putting both period of showcases altogether, the overall showcase lasted for around 2 months, and the group’s activities had finally been wrapped up with the two days concert on November 27th and 28th at Jamsil Stadium.

JYJ official said, “The members had worked continuously after their respective solo activities to the world tour showcase. During this half of month, there is no official activities planned and the members will take plenty of rest.”

As for the future official schedule, none of them seem to specifically published. The official, “Projects including some solo activities are still under discussions, but any of the details are not yet to be revealed.” he added.

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Kokki Kokki’s girlfriend, Kiri Kiri

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An exclusive interview with the Jalgeum Four

<Sungkyunkwan Scandal> has ended. Although its ratings percentages never left the teens, it was so popular [among its viewers] that it became known for making ‘SKKS victims.’ We met the main reasons for the drama’s success–the Jalgeum Four.

Reported by Lee Young Min | Photographs by Y3 Media | Design by Lee Bora
[Cause I’m awesome, I translated all four parts. My OCD strikes again. Click under the cut and enjoy. ^^ –jaeshinah]

A perfect transformation into a dashing student and prickly little prince

JYJ’s Park Yoochun (Micky Yoochun) has overcome the hazing [of public opinion] to emerge as a successful actor. It’s true that many people expressed concerns about his casting, he who had absolutely no experience in acting. But he portrayed the role of the dashing and prickly student perfectly, wonderfully putting to rest the worries and fears of many people. In fact, Park Yoochun had dreamed of acting since DBSK’s second album activities, and he underwent intensive acting training beginning three months before filming began to strongly build the basics of acting. There are also behind-the-scenes stories revealing that on set, he never lost his rookie heart, and always made an effort to learn [from those around him]. He, who showed his fiery determination to act even though he was twice taken to the hospital with an IV in his vein, said, “Though it was hard, it was a truly happy time.”

“It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t nervous about acting before the drama began. More than anything else, I was nervous because it was a project that was important to me in its timing [T/N: He means its timing in his life and/or career]. That’s how much love I poured into this project.”

When he couldn’t participate in the final episode party event because of JYJ’s schedule, he expressed his regret through Twitter.


“Though it’s only a 20-page book, it is overflowing with more warm memories and love than any other book. Inside this car that’s flying at 100km per hour, I am still looking at this book. I love you, and I’m thankful to <Sungkyunkwan Scandal>, which I love. Bye!”

If there is a point of regret, it would be that he was so busy with filming that he wasn’t able to take very much care of his ill father. Due to differing opinions, they lived apart for 10 years, and more than anything, his heart is apologetic. He said that when he acted with his father in the drama, played by Kim Kab Soo, he thought even more earnestly about his own father.

A son with strong filial piety and talented singer of JYJ, Park Yoochun. We look forward to seeing you use the success of this drama as a foundation for becoming a truly impressive actor.

[Red type under the picture]

I like you. Kim Yoon Shik. I, who
would not travel without a path,
who would not go if it wasn’t according to a principle, I who thought
propriety and law was all there was to life,
I’m telling you
I’ve come to like you, a man. That’s the reason
I can’t remain your friend or roommate.

The woman disguised as a man who confidently entered Sungkyunkwan, a place off-limits to women

A worn out-looking Park Minyoung, who lost 4kg during 5 months of filming, entered.

“It seems like just yesterday that I was fighting with the hot sun on set, but suddenly winter has arrived. I’ve suffered a bit because of the winter cold that came suddenly without autumn in between. It was difficult because my body had a tough time, but I learned a huge amount. Because I gave everything I had and did my best during filming, I have no regrets. If I have a daughter later, it’s a drama I would definitely want to show her.”

Park Yoochun and Yoo Ah In are, along with the object of their love triangle Park Minyoung, all the same age as 1986-ers. In spending a long time stuck together, the three of them have become very close friends. They are as comfortable with each other to the point where they don’t see one another as members of the opposite sex, and whenever there was a moment of rest on set, they would get together and talk. Might that be why? For a little while, there were rumors that Park Minyoung had a scandal with her loveline partner, Park Yoochun.

“I guess it’s because we were deeply absorbed in our acting. It’s probably because we get along really well. Don’t misunderstand! Haha. Actually, Yoochun-ssi jokes around a lot and is really fun. When he starts acting, he tries very hard and gives everything he has. Though it’s his first acting challenge, he was prepared and had received solid training.”

On the other hand, her thoughts on Yoo Ah In are a bit different.

“He has a unique worldview. There’s a side to him that’s more sincere and deeper [than others]. If the others are like friends, then Ah In-ssi feels more like an older brother, maybe?”

Yoonhee, whose will is stronger than her delicate looks would betray, is a person with pride and tenacity inferior to no man. Park Minyoung said that Yoonhee had so many similarities to her own self that she felt like her other half.

“Like Yoonhee, I’m also strong and positive in all circumstances. I do my best even when things are difficult and hard. In a way, I feel like Park Minyoung has entered Sungkyunkwan as an actor. I’m not complacent, thinking I’ve become popular, and I will become an actor who does not forget her original purpose and works harder than ever.”

Though, excepting just one episode, she has worn men’s clothes throughout the entire drama, she is not sad. She remarked that strangely, she hasn’t had many roles where she could wear lots of pretty clothes, and laughed as she said that she would also be wearing average and ordinary clothes in her next project, a movie titled <Cat>.

“I want critics to say, ‘Now she seems like a true actress.’ I would like people who felt Yoonhee’s sincere heart to know that I, Park Minyoung, was acting with a sincere heart. Please expect many things from me [in the future].”

[Red type under the picture]

Please give me a chance.
It’s the first time in my life.
The first time I have met someone
who acknowledges my ability,
the first time I have met someone
who takes my side.
Please give me this chance.
Please allow me to
throw questions to this world.
Please give me the permission
to have the chance to dream of a new world.

The ‘babo’ beastly man who becomes gentle before the woman he loves

Through this drama, a different kind of attractiveness of Yoo Ah In was discovered. Though he is a macho man whose roughness can be matched by no one, before the woman he loves, he becomes a meek, hiccuping man. He is a man so pure he says whatever he feels, and moves according to whatever he thinks, but he also protects and watches over Yoonhee without a word—-our beastly man, Jaeshin. Many women are still crying out for Guh-roh sahyung, afflicted with ‘Guh-roh ache.’

“Jaeshin was just like me, Um Hong Sik (Yoo Ah In’s real name). Jaeshin’s temperament and thoughts were really very similar to my own. Occasionally, I also acted aspects [of Jaeshin] that I didn’t have within myself. Shouting suddenly and hiccuping in front of women are [two things that are] actually very different from myself. It was so awkward I thought I would die. (Laughter)”

In reality, Yoo Ah In has a ‘strong’ style when it comes to women. That’s why he also acted roughly toward his co-star Park Minyoung. Jaeshin had to treat Yoonshik like he was really a man, which is why he acted ruthlessly in putting [Yoonshik] in headlocks or physically fighting with him. Excepting that one point, Yoo Ah In and Guh-roh are 99% alike. Yoo Ah In also spoke of his character’s strong [capacity for] love.

“During school, I was also a rebellious kid. So I couldn’t attend school for a long time, and I couldn’t get along with life [society] very well. Jaeshin’s efforts to meet with his Sungkyunkwan friends, adapt to life, and reform the problems of society seemed beautiful to me.”

In 2003, Yoo Ah In debuted through the coming-of-age drama <Banolim>. In the movie <Antique Bakery>, he played the pretty pâtissière apprentice Kibum, and in the drama <The Man Who Can’t Marry>, he played the role of Park Hyunkyu, the fresh youth who dreams of loving freely to perfection, steadily improving his acting [with each role]. It took, it seems, eight years after his debut to meet his representative role, and one feels it came somewhat late. In one interview, he revealed his feelings on this, saying, “Every time I say it’s been eight years since I’ve been an actor, I’m embarrassed.”

“If I had listened to my manager, I probably would have made more money and earned more popularity, but when I decided something wasn’t right for me, I resolutely gave it up, and I have followed my convictions in choosing projects. That’s why I was able to take on a role as good as this one [in SKKS].”

Rather than happiness at finishing a drama successfully, he feels more regret. Asked about his future plans, he said that he will start by shaving his facial hair.

“This is the first time I’ve grown out my facial hair. It was unfamiliar because it was the first time, but it seemed to fit me well, so I was happy. Now that filming is over, I’m wondering whether I should cut it or not. Should I just completely shave my head one morning, while I’m at it? Ah! (Song) Joong Ki said that my most attractive point was my lips. I’m also planning on taking consistent care of my lips. Haha.”

[Red type under the picture]

You’d better stay right under my eyes.
I thought I was going crazy!

Those obvious lies.
If you keep saying them, it’ll become a habit.

With his flower-like looks, the love shaman who completely steals women’s hearts

“I’m Gu Yong Ha.”

This man has stolen women’s hearts in one move with his clever eloquence and winks. Yongha goes around the market streets as if he has not a care at all for worldly matters and worries—-but those who think of him as a screw-up who only cares about women and playing make a serious miscalculation. The scenes where he cares for his childhood friend Jaeshin as though his own body was hurt reveals a deep friendship and a penetrating insight into the ways of life. Through his portrayal of Yongha in this drama, Song Joong Ki has definitely confirmed his place as an actor.

“He’s really an attractive character. Yongha does everything ‘behind the scenes.’ He doesn’t have any special romance in the drama, and he doesn’t have a political goal, but he is a very fun friend. I think many people have shown interest and love in him because he’s a character you don’t often see in historical dramas.”

Except for Yongha, the rest of the Jalgeum Four students (Sunjoon, Jaeshin, Yoonshik) are entangled in a love triangle. Yongha realized this earlier than the others and watched over the situation with a knowing eye. But might he have any regrets for not having a romance himself?

“I’m sad about it. After finishing the drama, I thought there wouldn’t be any big aftereffect, but that wasn’t the case. As I’m the only one without a loveline, an aftereffect was created. [T/N: That is, he feels like someting is unfinished.] In my next project, I also want a role where I can love someone like crazy.”

The most memorable line in the script can be said without any hesitation: “I’m Gu Yongha.”

“After the line became a hot topic, things changed. When we would have unofficial bets for fun, people would divide into sides, but when I would say, ‘I’m Gu Yongha,’ no one would bet against my words. (Laughter)”

Song Joong Ki, who debuted through the movie <A Frozen Flower>, has been a vivid presence on the acting scene since. In the movie <Five Senses>, he plays a high school student with an ill-mannered love [story]; a talented ice skater in the drama <Triple>; and a cute hospital resident in the drama <OB/GYN>, showing his acting skills. Though he began acting at a relatively late age, his efforts at learning and studying harder than everyone else allowed him to shine as the clever Yeorim.

“Filming was happy and fun. More than anything else, I’m really happy to have met good friends like Yoochun and Ah In. In the future, I want to participate in diverse projects without consideration of nationality or genre. Please look forward to a growing and improving actor Song Joong Ki!”

[Red type under the picture]

The reason I’m not worthy
is not because I’m a joongin [middle caste].
It’s because I
was embarrassed of myself.
So from here on out
I won’t live that way!
Because this is Sungkyunkwan,
and I’m Gu Yongha!

source: Yoo Ah In’s DC Inside Gallery via Purpledoll3′s Naver blog
trans by: jaeshinah
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