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Heart, Mind, and Soul & With All My Heart accompany me as I start to write this. Nothing special, just some words for Choikang Changmin who celebrate his 22th B’day today. May sound absurd, may looks weird, but I dont care. Just this I can do, no gift and no FFs. Just some simple words, for him, my sarcastic B type Food Lover Prince, Tensai Changmin.

From all the time that have passed in my life, knowing you is one of the most sweetest time in my life..

As life became harder
As time need us to change
You, thoughtful you, change too
But from all I know you never change but some height, more mature and wise
That smile of yours still same
That shine in your eyes remain still
Just like my heart to you..

You, I know
Sometimes wind blowing hard
Sometimes dark cloud hides your blue sky
Sometimes rainy days hold you on
Make your smile fade away
Troubled your sincere heart
Even dropping tears of your beautiful eyes
But you, from all I know
Will never give up to find your own shelter
Your own light from the darkness
Your own sunshine
It’s them, I’ts us, one of it

You might fall
You might be sad
You might be afraid
You were
but after those
You will again
You will smile again
You will believe again
Cause you are though enough

You are wise that hide in that pair of innocent eyes
You are care that hide behind that straigtforward mind and sarcastic words
You are warmhearted that hide behind those strong acts and those glassy eyes

You are smile that shines on my sad days
You are laugh that sings in my teary mind
You might not perfect
But you always have your own way to perfect my days

As I continue to breathe
As I continue to live
As my heart still beats
My pray, my hope, my faith, my love for you will continue to live to
I might be sad. Might give up. Might run from you
But I’ll be back
Cause you are apart of me
A small but precious

I have nothing to give
May your heart always in peace, never be troubled
May your smule always shine trough good times through bad times
May happiness and guides always around you
May you’ll be your hyungs side always
May this love will last forever..

My important person, Sekai de ichiban taisetsu na hito Changmin …
Please be Happy Always….


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Annyeong my readers…. ^^

from today until the Februari, 2nd , I was not able to update anything to this blog, because I was on holiday to BALI …..

i’m so sorry….Mianhe….

so, from today, this blog will be on TEMPORARY  HIATUS

from January 29th – February 2nd, 2011…


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annyeong…tanggal 26 Desember 2010 kemaren, kami anak2 Cassiopeia Banjarmasin ngadain acara gath buat ngerayain 7th Anniversary-nya TVXQ…yang diadain di Siga Coffee House Banjarmasin.

karena ini acara nya buat ngerayain ultah DBSK yg ke-7, maka ada kue nya juga lho…ada acara tiup lilin juga…

acara nya juga skalian ngerayain ultah nya Our JunChan….!!!

acaranya seru bgt….pertama kami semua nonton bareng konser mirotic DBSK di Korea, pada treak2 deh tuh cassie, kalo idola nya muncul…hehe…trus ada lomba-lomba, dari lomba tebak wajah smpe lomba karaoke lagu-lagu DBSK…abis itu lanjut lagi nonton video perform DBSK, n video-video Always Keep The Faith..banyak cassie yang nangis lho… ada dance cover juga, dance cover Mirotic yang dibawain sama FanBoy..!!!

yang paling keren dari acara ini adalah, ada Door Prize yang hadiahnya adalah CD ORIGINAL THE BEGINING BY JYJ..!!!!!

daaaannnn, THE LUCKY GIRL yang dapetin tuh kaset adalaahhhh….. Opppiieeee…!!!!

aaarrrggggghhhh…selamat yaa chingu… T____T

tapi, ku juga mau donk foto sama kaset CD JYJ-nya.. hoho…

emmm…sebelum acara selese, kami disuruh nulis wish buat DBSK trus kertasnya dilipat jadi origami bango…nie fotonya..

foto bareng temen-temen baru dulu ahhh…can you find me???

finally, foto bareng smua Cassiopeia Banjarmasin yang ikut Gath… tahun depan ngumpul lagi yaa Chingudeul,,,



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Junchan Fighting….!!!!

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hahahaha…. just want to share this in my blog… ^^

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please, if you have time and love this blog, can you make a

banner for my blog…. ???

I will accept any design that you give for this blog…

just leave comment on this post chingu….


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